Video Script Template

Resource Overview

Use this template to outline a storytelling framework for your video before full production.


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Your Problem

You need to outline a storytelling framework for your a video you are planning on producing.  You need a format that allows you to highlight the key components of a video script.

Our Solution

Our Video Script Template was designed to outline the key components of a storytelling framework that will guide your video's direction.  This template will help you define the title, story, hook, why, what, how and what if for your video.

This Microsoft Word template is most effective when used for live video production as it encourages you to highlight key points rather than memorize a full-length script.  When recording a video presentation, you may require a more structured script that needs to be memorized and practiced.  However, this template can assist you in preparing the ideas for your video presentation before creating a more structured script.

Review our Video Production Stages Map to learn how this tool fits into the entire video production process.

Key Benefits

  • outlines the key components of a video script
  • includes a sample script
  • prepares you for full production
  • assists you in completing the 1st stage of video production
  • saves time on formatting


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 3 Hours

Skills Required: Script Writing