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Demand Metric conducts commissioned, primary research studies that gather data and develop insights on topics of interest to sponsors.  A Demand Metric sponsored study provides data, analysis and insights valuable for strategic decision making, positioning the sponsor as a thought leader and as a content magnet for engaging prospects.  Our research studies typically have 300-800 senior marketers responding to the survey, and another 200-600 registering to attend the webinar presenting the results.

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Sponsored Research Study Advantages & Deliverables

Demand Metric sponsored studies provide sponsors with original, compelling content unavailable elsewhere.  The data and insights gained from these studies help eliminate the guesswork about aspects of the sponsor’s value proposition.  Furthermore, the results equip the sponsor to make strategic decisions with more confidence, prove theories or measure the business impact of solutions or approaches.  Contact us if you would like to learn more about working with us on a custom research study. Typically, most studies provide the sponsor with:

  • 300-800 Qualified Leads (survey respondents & webinar registrants)
  • 15-30 Page Analyst Firm Benchmark Report from Demand Metric (1 year license)
  • Market Research Insights on Topics of the Sponsor's Choice
  • Option to Participate on Sponsored Webinar to Present Results
  • MP4 On-Demand Webinar Recording or Video Embed Code (1 year license)


Sponsored Research Study Process

1. Determine Research Question - sponsored studies begin with an analyst call to understand the question the research will attempt to answer. 

2. Design Research Instrument - with a mutual understanding of the research objective, the Demand Metric analyst team collaborates with the sponsor to design the research instrument – usually an online survey – and then administers it. 

3. Conduct Research Study - Demand Metric leverages its extensive community of over 36,000 senior marketing professionals as a sample population in which to conduct research. 

4. Data Analysis - after collecting a statistically significant number of responses, analysis begins, during which the analyst team studies the data to understand what insights it offers. 

5. Publication - once the data analysis is complete, and conclusions have been drawn, the research study is published by Demand Metric, added to our resource library and announced to our community.

5. Promotion - at the conclusion of the study, Demand Metric announces the results to the media, often resulting in press coverage of the study.  In some cases a joint-webinar with the vendor who commissioned the research study will be promoted to our community to discuss the results.

6. Licensing - the research study deliverable is a co-branded report and a webinar to present the findings.  Both the research report and webinar may be licensed to the vendor who commissioned the study for a period of 1 year.


Research Study Program Details:


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