On-Site Workshops

  • Are you tackling a new project or initiative that your team hasn't done before?  

  • Looking for guidance on how to get started with our resources?

  • Do you need to train your team on best practices and teach them new skills?


Focus and energize your team with an on-site workshop. Our instructors are experts in modern B2B marketing strategy, processes, and technology. 


Demand Metric's workshops are "hands-on" learning experiences where participants develop new skills by completing group exercises using our practical tools & templates, and learn best practices and trends discovered in our research.

We offer on-site workshops on:

  • Agile Project Management

  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

  • Demand Generation Optimization

  • Content Marketing Strategy

  • Sales Playbook Development

  • Lean New Product Development 

Meet our Expert Instructors:

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Work with the masterminds behind Demand Metric's tools & resources.  

Since 2006, they have produced or overseen the development of 350+ reports & guides, 750+ tools & templates, 24 training courses, 200+ webinars, and our agile project management software platform. 

Additionally, they've delivered large-scale global training programs for organizations such as Microsoft, and licensed our content to the American Marketing Association, ANA, and Digital Marketing Institute.