Marketing Team Training Plan

How Can a Marketing Team Training Plan Help You?

Demand Metric's Team members benefit from working with our team of experienced analsyts, most of whom are former CMOs, to create an overall marketing team training plan.  

During this complimentary 90 minute workshop, we will help you define a training plan for each key member of your marketing staff.  Once we have the plans created, we operationalize the program inside of our e-learning platform, DM University.  

Our members tell us that by integrating our online training with their performance review and staff development processes, they get more engaged staff who appreciate the investment in their career development.  Additionally, having more engaged, skilled and knowledgable staff is a proven way to improve business results.


How Can We Check in on Our Team's Development Progress?

Within our DM University e-learning platform, we can promote one of your team leaders to be an account administrator.  With this level of access, you can pull reports to determine who has logged in, completed training courses and workshops, and successfully passed our certification exams.

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