Free Membership Plan Details

What do you get with our Free vs. Paid Memberships?

We've invested millions researching best practices and building practical tools & templates, training courses, and Agile Project Management Software to help marketing professionals succeed. 

Some of our resources are free, while others require a paid subscription [view plans] to access. 



Free Resources Available to All Members

Playbooks - step-by-step guides with tools to help you build a plan.

Benchmark Reports - charts and data on trends and best practices.

Frameworks - outline the key stages and steps of our Playbooks.

How-To Guides - action-oriented guides written by expert analysts.

eWorkshops - on-demand training sessions with expert speakers.

Maturity Models - roadmaps for competency development.

MarTech Research -  reports on key marketing technologies.

Modern Marketing Assessment - in-depth audit of your capabilities.



Available with a Paid Subscription [view plans]

Agile Project Management Software - assign and schedule work to your team and view tasks and projects in a Board, Table, or Calendar view.  Use our Smart Projects for pre-built projects.


Multiple User Access - add additional users in your organization with our Team and Advisory memberships.  Get admin reports with resource usage and DMU course progress and completion.


DM University - 200+ modules organized into 30+ training courses on fundamental and modern marketing topics. Certificates are awarded upon completion.


Practical Tools & Templates - 750+ customizable, re-brandable tools.  Members consider our tools to be the core of our value proposition and how we are unique.


Support - get a dedicated Customer Success Rep to help you find relevant research, tools and training for your team.


Assessments - 50+ tools to evalute organizational maturity and identify areas that need improvement.