Focus Group Facilitation


Strategic Insights from Your Customers or Prospects

Demand Metric conducts commissioned, exploratory research that equips you with market insights to enable better planning, execution and results.  Demand Metric can host focus group discussions with members of your target audience to provide insights on how your brand is perceived, how competitors are perceived, what vendor selection criteria matter most, where prospects go for information and a number of other research topics.

  Focus Group Report  

Focus Group Advantages & Deliverables

Demand Metric makes focus group research simple for the sponsoring organization by managing the entire process, including recruiting participants, facilitating the focus group sessions and providing a summary report of the findings and conclusions.  This process allows the research sponsor to remain anonymous, reducing the possibility of participant bias.  These focus group research efforts provide the sponsoring organization with:

  • List of focus group participants
  • Focus group facilitation guide
  • Recording of each focus group session
  • Summary report of the focus group research including detailed findings and recommendations.


Focus Group Study Process

1. Determine Research Question – the sponsoring organization and a Demand Metric analyst will collaborate to understand the primary focus of the research effort.

2. Develop Focus Group Facilitation Guide – Demand Metric, again in collaboration with the sponsor, will create a guide for use in the sessions to ensure the research question is adequately addressed.

3. Schedule Sessions and Recruit Participants – further collaboration will help Demand Metric identify ideal focus group participants and recruit between six and 10 per session.

4. Conduct Focus Groups – a Demand Metric analyst will host the focus group sessions.

5. Provide Research Results – recordings of the focus group sessions are made available to the sponsor, along with a report detailing findings, conclusions and recommendations.