Demand Metric Delivers Product Marketing Training Course


Apr 9, 2013 - Demand Metric Delivers Product Marketing Training Course 

On-demand video course available through DM University

Vancouver, BC – April 9, 2013 – Demand Metric, a marketing advisory firm, announces a new, online training course, “Creating a Product Marketing Plan” available through DM University, its learning management system.  This course guides viewers through a six-stage process that helps them apply best practices to build their own product marketing plan.  

Statistics about the rate at which new products fail in the market have changed little in past decades: between one-fourth and one-third of products don’t succeed.  Yet, companies make huge investments in product development efforts, counting on new products to generate revenue and growth.  This precarious pathway to success reveals the necessity of having a strong, comprehensive product marketing plan to help products achieve the goals set for them.

“The reasons for the failure of many new products often has little to do with how well those products work or the value they provide,” says John Follett, Chief Marketing Officer at Demand Metric.  “Too many good products experience a premature death because supporting marketing planning and execution is poor or non-existent.  The reasons for this vary, including a belief that a new product is a ‘better mousetrap’ that will cause the world to beat a path to the inventor’s door, which is a myth.  In other cases, it’s simply a lack of expertise about how to market products.  This new Demand Metric training course will lead those who take it through a process that results in the creation of the best possible marketing plan for a product, new or existing.  We created this course because of the 500 marketing tools and templates we offer, product marketing and planning tools are consistently in high demand.  This course will address a critical need that many product companies have.”

Product Marketing Training Course Overview

This course consists of these six video modules, which expand on the Demand Metric Product Marketing Plan Methodology:

  1. Objectives
  2. Product
  3. Market
  4. Competition
  5. Plan
  6. Launch


Included in the course offering are 28 tools and templates to create outputs that are the components of the product marketing plan.  At the end of each stage is a short assessment to test retention of the concepts the course teaches.  Students earn a certificate for successful course completion.

Pricing and Availability

Creating a Product Marketing Plan” is available now for free to Demand Metric premium members.