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Demand Metric's DM University is a place where your whole team can get certified in modern marketing practices, get current primary research benchmarks on the Marketing industry, and leverage our library of 500+ tools & templates to equip you with the resources you need to be a more effective marketer.

With over 20 training courses available in our learning management system environment, and new modules being added each month, you will have access to growing resource of training materials, eWorkshops and certification exams. 

For consultants and contractors, you can be listed in our directory of Demand Metric certified expert practitioners to allow our members to contact you for proposals for local marketing services.



DMU Certification Programs

Certification Programs

  • Over 20 Courses & Growing
  • Get Listed in Our Directory of Experts
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Benefits to DMU Certification - Leverage Our Community & Resources

1. Learn Marketing Best Practices - get up to speed on modern marketing best practices by reading our How-To Guides, Benchmark Reports and Best Practices Reports, watching our eWorkshops led by expert instructors, and using our interactive premium-quality tools & templates. 

2. Work from a Common Tool-Set - if you have a team of Marketers working in your organization, you can standardize your approach to common projects and processes such as marketing strategy planning, marketing communications, social media, and content marketing. 

3. Leverage Demand Metric's Brand - for agencies, contractors and consultants, leverage the Demand Metric brand when working with your clients.  By demonstrating your certifications and transparent tool-set, your clients will feel confident that their project will be done using industry-standard practices. 

4. Generate More Revenue - after completing your certification, you can ask to be listed in our directory of DMU certified experts, viewed by millions of website visitors each year.  When Demand Metric members are looking for a local consultant or contractor to help them with a project, your listing and contact information will be visible to them.

Contact us at info@demandmetric.com to learn more about DM University or how you can become certified and placed in our directory.


Directory of DMU Certified Experts:







  Phi Schmidt The Project Shaman Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Marketing Strategy Hamilton, Canada  (888) 980-1333