CJM Importance in 2015

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Beulah Els
Beulah Els wrote:

Customer Journey Mapping has become my recent obesession and rightly so as we move into 2015 and I realize day after day how just how competitive the loyalty and reward arena has become.

Companies have to re-align their strategies to ensure they are aware of the Customer Journey, the relevant touch points and social interactions (if any) that contribute towards the overall experience.

Often the importance of the Customer Journey is overlooked or minimize in the hope that customers will interact and return without truly understanding the requirements, lifestyle preferences, lifecycle milestones or personalization.

I provide Customer Journey Mapping solutions to customers within the South African loyalty and rewards arena and have been able to add true value to the company's bottom line as well as an opportunity for them to differentiate their products and to recognize high revenue contributors effectively.

In my opinion understanding the Customer Journey is an essential that should be accompanied by mapping the journey and understanding each touch point. 

Hopefully 2015 will see a dramatic upsurge in this understanding and companies and customers alike will reap the benefits!

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Shawn Fassett
Shawn Fassett wrote:

Thanks Beulah! Checkout one of our most popular Customer Journey resources via the link below. I think you'll find it most valuable and useful, if you're not already using it!

Customer Journey Map