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Brenton Mauriello
Brenton Mauriello wrote:

I am the CEO and CMO of our company currently. We are small but growing rapidly. Has anyone successfully used and CEO/CMO dashboard tools? Basically I am looking for a software that I can use to visualize where the company is at and track KPIs. I can explain further if this is too vague.



Brent Mauriello

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Jesse Hopps
Jesse Hopps wrote:

Hi Brent, there are lots of options on the market... if you are looking for sophisticated business intelligence tools, there are Microstrategy, QlikView, and Birst.  Another one that is marketing heavily to CEO's specifically is Domo (founder Josh James was top 40 under 40 and won Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year at global level after starting Omniture and selling to Adobe for 1.8B).

If you need something simpler, Demand Metric can build you a custom dashboard tool in Google Documents or Excel.