The Benefits & Risks of Social CRM

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Lauren Sytsma
Lauren Sytsma wrote:

Even though social media are now as common as other communication channels, they play a different role:

  • They allow companies to initiate relationships with people who are otherwise inaccessible (those who don't pay attention to conventional mass media and bulk emails)
  • Social media provides an opportunity to deepen customer relationships through one-on-one interactions, while at the same time letting observers see how a company treats its customers
  • Social media allow consumers to share their own experiences with a company, providing a more credible source of information than the company itself


Unfortunately, these benefits are accompanied by risks:

  • Poorly executed communications can annoy potential customers, driving them away
  • Public visibility of formerly private transactions can reveal problems with products and poor customer service
  • Consumer reviews can be negative as well as positive, and even enthusiastic advocates can provide incorrect information about products or pricing

What does this list of benefits & risks mean?

It means that no company today can afford a hands-off attitude towards social media management.  Prospects and customers will be discussing you in social media at every stage in the marketing, sales and service process, so the only choice you face is whether you’ll be aware of that conversation and try to shape it, or will ignore it and let it be shaped by others. 

Are you dedicating enough time to social media management? Do you have additional benefits and/or risks of social CRM to add?

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Clare Price
Clare Price wrote:

Social media and CRM tools and platforms is a great integration. CRM is all about relationships and so is social media. One of the challenges of social media is the need for immediate action. CRM can help your marketing team respond more quickly and effectively to the oportunities social media interactions create. 

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Terrel Transtrum
Terrel Transtrum wrote:

The benefits of speed and near-instantaneous access are apparent.  But I'm still wrapping my head around the risks.  Thanks for these thoughtful insights.