Is Anyone Using Augmented Reality?

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Lauren Sytsma
Lauren Sytsma wrote:

I posted an article on Demand Metric's blog today where guest author Darren Leach discusses how outdoor advertising (although one of the older mediums out there) is not dead, and lists the most effective outdoor advertising strategies to use in 2013:

1. Use the "short & to the point" benefit of billboards to support a campaign with a complex message. With the popularity of social media; a billboard can be used to simply display a hashtag and your company's logo.

Social Media Billboard

2. Combine the "attention grabbing" tactics of guerilla marketing with outdoor advertising by placing large unconventional ads where people least expect them. This ad is so simple yet delivers such a strong brand message for Jeep.

Guerilla Marketing & Outdoor Advertising

3. Augmented reality brings billboards to life using a mobile phone. This strategy engages consumers and causes them to interact with your brand. Considering today's tech-savvy consumer I think we'll start seeing this tactic more often.

augmented reality

Which one of these three outdoor advertising strategies would you implement? Has anyone used augmented reality as a campaign initiative? 


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