3 Ways To Bring Your Real Estate Marketing Into the 21st Century

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Real estate marketing is changing. Gone are the days of throwing together a few online listings and waiting for buyers to flock to you. Succeeding in the real estate market now means staying on the cutting edge of technology, offering high-quality online content, and staying active on social platforms.

Feeling a little overwhelmed by it all?

Using the three tips below will help you take some concrete steps towards modernizing your marketing in 2018.

1. Offer Virtual Property Tours

If you want to convince your customers to invest in property, you need to invest in your marketing first. Offering virtual property tours might seem like a lot of trouble, but it’s a great way to get buyers excited about a building that doesn’t draw much attention from the outside.

For luxury properties, it’s worth going all out to create a virtual reality tour that potential buyers can view using a headset. This creates a real ‘wow’ factor, and saves time for customers who don’t want to drive around for tons of viewings.

For lower-end properties, stitching photographs together to create virtual tours which can be navigated using a phone or PC is a great option that’s made easy using dedicated software.

Virtual tours could be the difference between your agency and a competitor, so they’re well worth investing in.  

2. Create Pinterest Boards for Listings

Home and garden is one of the most popular categories on Pinterest, appealing to a whopping 45% of users. That makes the site an excellent place to draw attention to your property listings.

Create boards for each individual property, and add pins showcasing different rooms and features. This is a great chance to highlight what makes a property unique. For example, you could have one pin dedicated to the whirlpool bathtub, and another to the state-of-the-art kitchen appliances.

Many buyers will use Pinterest to collate ideas and get inspiration so it’s a smart place to meet your audience.

3. Host Webinars for Buyers

What’s the most common question you’re asked by potential buyers? Is there a real estate topic you have special expertise in?

Sharing your knowledge via webinars is a great way to connect with potential buyers, capture leads, and advertise your properties. For example, you could hold a webinar titled something like, “How to Downsize Without the Hassle’ and then feature some of your current properties as case studies.

Including Q&A sessions at the end of your webinars is a great way to learn more about buyers in your area and get inspiration for future topics.

Hosting webinars means you’re offering real value to customers and helping promote yourself.

Why Modernize Your Real Estate Marketing?

Real estate marketing doesn’t stand still, and you need to stay relevant if you want to succeed. The more you show that you’re moving with the times, the more likely customers will be to buy from you.

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