Transforming From Call Center to Contact Center Best Practices Guide

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Read this Guide to learn how to transform your call center to a Modern Contact Center.


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Executive Summary

If loyal customers are the lifeblood of a successful marketing program, call centers are the heartbeat. It is within the call center that happy customers become loyal advocates or disenchanted. All too often, however, call centers are viewed by marketing professionals as an afterthought instead of a key to customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and as a lead generation.

Modern marketers must move from seeing Customer Care as a secondary supporting function to one of primary importance to marketing programs and lead generation, along with other digital marketing and sales activities.

This How-To Guide challenges marketers to view the call center as a potential source of revenue and lead generation as well as the hub of Customer Care. This report discusses the misperceptions around call centers and shows modern marketers how to transform their call center (cost center) into a Modern Contact Center (profit center) by recognizing its strategy in lead generation and customer experience.

This Guide is designed to provide practical advice for building a Modern Contact Center and outlines the following:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Opportunities & Challenges of the Call Center
  3. Creating a Modern Contact Center
  4. Contact Center Application Selection Criteria
  5. Action Plan
  6. Bottom Line


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