Customer Advocate Database

Resource Overview

Use this database to template to track your customer advocates by key information, levels of engagement and referrals.


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Your Problem

You need a system to track the customers that you have identified to be brand advocates for your organization. You also want to track how engaged they are with your organization as well as any referrals they may have given you.

Our Solution

We created the Customer Advocate Database to help you document all of the details for your customer advocates as well as the referrals they share with your organization.

In the 'Customer Advocate Database' tab, highlight important information about your advocates, including name, company job title and product/service purchased. Continue updating this tab by identifying the customer's renewal date and level of engagement as well as the Account Manager assigned to the customer.

In the 'Referrals by Advocate' tab, you can begin tracking your new stream of referrals and where they are coming from. Each Customer Advocate will be automatically populated in this tab. You can use the Sort function to view new additions to your database. You simply need to document if referrals have been requested, how many referrals have been obtained and the names/companies/other information for each referral.

Key Benefits

  • documents key customer advocate information
  • tracks advocates by engagement level
  • encourages referral tracking and reference management
  • can be easily customized
  • saves hours on formatting


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Excel (Advanced)