Intranet FAQ Worksheet

Resource Overview

A template to identify the top 5 most frequently asked questions (FAQ) by department.


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Your Problem

You need to make information easier to access on your intranet. You are tasked with finding out which are the most common Intranet questions asked on support calls. By looking to an Intranet FAQ worksheet, you will be able to increase efficiency and productivity within your company.

Our Solution

A Microsoft Word Intranet FAQ worksheet to help you identify the top 5 most frequently asked questions (FAQ) in each department.

To use this Intranet questions worksheet, first conduct a brief interview with each department manager to understand what support calls they receive most often from your employees. Once you have identified the FAQs, post them with their answers on a highly visible page on your intranet to make them easy to find for staff. The departments we have included on our template are Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Information technology, sales & customer service, Operations, and Overall Support Call.

Our Intranet questions tool will allow you to increase the use of corporate intranet, reduce support cost, promote convenient self-service, and it will help you to identify common issues.

For more information, read our How-To Guide: Intranet Best Practices.

Key Benefits

  • increased use of corporate intranet
  • reduced support costs
  • promotes convenient self-service
  • pulls important content to front of intranet
  • helps to identify common issues


Microsoft Word Document

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Intranet Analysis