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State of Customer Engagement in B2C Marketing

Mitto partnered with Demand Metric at the beginning of 2021 to take the pulse of over 500 marketers
who shared their experience with a variety of digital channels. The objective of this research effort was to find out exactly how marketers are using and plan to use digital communications in their customer engagement efforts.

Use our Shopper Marketing Program Strategies list to discover opportunities you can leverage while planning for your next shopper marketing campaign.

Channel Marketing Automation

This How-To Guide is designed to help companies with reseller, dealer and distributor networks to empower their channel partners with the tools, information and technology they need for revenue growth and profitability by using Channel Marketing Automation.


This eWorkshop will focus on the strategies, technologies and best practices for using marketing automation to optimize channel partnerships.


This guide provides practical advice for developing secure extranets for key stakeholders.

Use this to document your objectives, initiatives, measures, and targets for the next 12-18 months.

A matrix to compare your potential marketing partners.

A tool to help you track a prospective partnership program.

Use this tool to assess your organization's partnership marketing processes and capabilities.

Use this template to track metrics related to your distributors.

Use this tool to protect yourself & your company when dealing with third-parties.

A template to create a formalized referral agreement between your organization and partners.

A template to create a partnership marketing agreement between your organization and a partner.

A template for a Non-Compete Agreement between parties who conduct business together.

A form to standardize your organization's partnership application process.

A checklist to help you plan and develop your extranet.

A template to quickly document the role and responsibilities for this position.