Media Response Policy Template

Resource Overview

The Media Response Policy Template ensures your organization follows a strict policy when responding to the media.


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Your Problem

Your organization needs a policy to provide answers to the following important questions:

  • Who is permitted to speak with the media?
  • What should be said if an employee is contacted by the media?
  • Who should employees refer the media to for responses?


Our Solution

Our Media Response Policy Template is designed to get you started on crafting a basic policy on how your organization handles the media. It is important to ensure that when media contacts your organization, that every member of your staff is on the same page on how to respond, according to company policy and procedures. The goal of this policy is to stress that employees should never speak with any media channel, and that actions can be taken against them (such as dismissal) if they do not follow this procedure.

    Key Benefits

    • leverage PR Crisis Communications best practices
    • ensure all media responses follow your organizations policy
    • easily customizable via Word