Vertical scrolling advertisement platform proximity sensor and beacon led intelligence

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 Vertical Scrolling advertisement Platform Proximity Sensor and beacon Led Intelligence 2. Categories: Innovative Retail Future. 3. Summary: Innovative Advertisement on your mobile directly picked up by mobile Bluetooth and displayed like wall paper images on Mobile surface with offers. 1. In Store specific things. Proximity sensor can Interact with beacon Carrying Store data for small store 2. All Super market aggregate things. Proximity sensor can Interact with beacon near by Products data if you are inside store. What is different here is approach: as you walk past Each store by store the banners will keep changing of stores you are passing by. 4. Idea Description. In-Store specific things: When we carry a mobile near any Shop having beacons Proximity Sensor should display All The Articles of the store in kind of running display like format shown below Above figure does reflect only one advertisement and not targeted but as shown below we can display targeted advertisement in large grid
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