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A professionally designed database & calendar to organize, summarize and communicate all of your marketing events for 2018.

Use this tool to create a public relations calendar for 2018 that will allow you to plan & report on your public relations activities throughout the year.

A report to track editorial calendar opportunities and their associated deadlines for 2018.

Use the 2018 Employee Holiday Calendar to keep track of employee vacation days, personal days and sick days.

Use this calendar template to keep track of your content marketing efforts through an agile approach.

Use this video marketing playbook to define the activities required to successfully create, plan and execute a video marketing program.

This video infographic provides statistics and best practices for association marketing.

This video infographic provides statistics and best practices for sales enablement.

This video infographic provides statistics and best practices for lifecycle marketing.

Interactive Video Benchmark Report

Video provides some unique opportunities for interactivity, so Brightcove and Demand Metric partnered to research the current definitions, adoption, applications and effectiveness of interactive video. This report presents the results of this research.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing Benchmark Report

This report details the findings of a joint study by Demand Metric and Salesforce Pardot to study the current state of lifecycle marketing, measuring the adoption of this strategy and how it is performing.

This report presents the findings of our Inbound Marketing research, providing all marketers with a useful set of benchmarks to compare their use of these approaches.

This report will present the framework, the maturity milestones it represents, recommended actions to achieve maturity with ABM and therefore maximize its revenue impact.

This report is focused on helping marketers around the world plan and deploy the highest performing ABM programs available.

This video infographic provides statistics and best practices for account-based marketing.

Go-To-Market Framework

Use this modern go-to-market playbook to define the activities required to successfully build market-driven products & services that customers will accept.


Use our Blogging Topic Prioritization tool to measure how different blogging topics or themes compare to each other based on your target audience.

Use our Blog Post Inspiration List to get inspired for amazing blog posts on your blog that are engaging and interesting.

Our Top Marketing Blogs Database tool summarizes the top blogs in the marketing world, and allows you to filter them based on their topic, to allow for easy navigation, discovery and inspiration.

Use the Blogging Maturity Assessment to evaluate where your organization stands when it comes to Blogging as a part of your digital marketing mix.

Our SEO Blog Post Optimization Checklist is helpful not only for getting your blog post ready for search engine optimization, but also to ensure that you have not missed any critical components of your post according to your blog policy.

Our Blogging Promotion and Engagement Checklist is designed to help you review essential strategies to enhance the promotion and engagement of your blog.

Use our Blog Platform Database tool to evaluate the different software platform options available, including both pros and cons, free or paid, for blogging in your organization.

Our Blogging Metrics Dashboard is designed to help you keep tabs on the most important metrics for your blog, to help your team understand your company blogs impact and growth.

From August to September 2015, Demand Metric, in collaboration with Attend, conducted a survey to determine how effective events are as a strategy for customer engagement and if the resulting ROI meets expectations.