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An analysis tool to define the primary & secondary applications for a new product.

A worksheet to define your product's pricing strategy and its differentiation.

A template to help you illustrate the purchase process for your product.

A matrix to compare candidates you are interviewing.

A tool to rank projects based on their strategic fit, economic impact, and feasibility.

Use this to communicate the 5 key stages of product development, define checkpoints for go/no-go decisions, and document required deliverables.

You need to create a tool for selecting ad agencies regarding specific projects designed by your company.

A self-assessment to evaluate your organization from a Branding perspective.

A template to document your branding objectives, initiatives, measures, and targets for the next 12-18 months.

We created the Consultant Evaluation Matrix to help you compare potential consultants in 5 key areas: Relevant Experience, Skill Set, Professionalism, Consulting Methodology & Tools, and Personality.

Use this to document risks, assess their impact and probability, and develop risk mitigation plans.

A dashboard to collect, analyze, and communicate KPIs and metrics for sales & marketing.

Use this tool to assess the alignment between your Sales and Marketing functions.

Use this to calculate the overall financial impact that Marketing Automation can have on your business.

Use this to define, track, and report on your key marketing metrics.

Use this process diagram to communicate your lead generation & nurturing process.

Use this to identify key stakeholders, evaluate their interest, power, support level and flexibility.

Use this assessment to evaluate your CRM program maturity.

Use this tool to determine your cost per impression across various communications channels.

Use this to evaluate your marketing channels based on their brand promotion quality, lead quality, and cost/event.

Use this to evaluate and obtain key stakeholder buy-in during a complex sale.

Use this template to set and track your MarCom budget.

Use this template for any corporate investment and as a formal management communication document.

A template to document and assess the key messages that are important for your target audience to hear.

Use this to create fictional personas for the key audiences you intend to target.