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This course has 5 video modules that will help you build an efficient market research process, a comprehensive market research report and an engaging presentation.

A template to help you create a plan for your upcoming exploratory research initiative.

Facilitating Insightful Focus Groups

This guide provides practical advice for conducting insightful focus group sessions.

A template that summarizes market needs and the opportunity to develop a new product.

Smart Project: Market Research


Our Market Research Smart Project will guide you through the steps to perform and enterprise-level market research initiative.  This project plan contains over 30 resources including training courses, playbooks, frameworks, how-to guides, tools, templates, and webinars.

Smart Project: Product Development

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Our Product Development Smart Project will guide you through the steps to successfully developing new products or services.  This project plan contains over 30 resources including how-to guides, tools, templates, webinars, and related playbook & toolkits.  Here is a preview: