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This eWorkshop is ideal for any marketing professional who needs to create a social enterprise by building meaningful relationships with customers, partners, employees and influencers.


Our Social Business Maturity Model was designed to help organizations by providing a road-map for improving their Social Media Marketing and Social Business capabilities.

Use this matrix to compare Social Media vendor solutions based on your requirements.


Our Social Media Marketing Solution Study highlights insights, the landscape, and the vendors associated with the Social Media Marketing space.

A checklist to ensure the success of your Instagram marketing program.


Use this step-by-step planning methodology and set of 51 premium tools and templates to create a comprehensive social media marketing plan.

Use this template to outline, summarize and communicate your overall social media strategy plan.

A template to document your objectives, initiatives, measures and targets for Social Media for the next 12-18 months.

Use this to define, track and report on your key Social Media program metrics and KPIs.

Use this to measure your organization's ability to implement a Social Media Program.