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Demand Metric, in partnership with Vanilla Forums, set out to learn what the customer support landscape looks like and how effective crowd based, self-service support channels are working.


Jerry Rackley, Chief Analyst at Demand Metric, and Laura Horton, Senior Manager of Marketing at Salesforce Pardot, will share the results of the Customer Lifecycle Marketing Benchmark Study and provide recommendations for better effectiveness.


Join Demand Metric Chief Analyst Jerry Rackley as he shares 10 key success factors and a 3 step action plan for implementing a customer lifecycle marketing strategy.

Data Enhancement Guide

Read this How-To Guide outlines to learn what Data Enhancement is and how Data Enhancement can benefit your organization.

Use this tool to determine your company's customer lifetime value considering the following factors: Retention Rate, Referral Rate, Interest Rate, # Orders, Average Order Size, Risk Factor, Acquisition Cost, Marketing Cost and Incentives. This tool will automatically calculate the following: Total Customers, Annual Revenue, Costs, Net Revenue, NPV Revenue and Lifetime Value.

Calculating Customer Lifetime Value

This guide will help you learn what customer lifetime value (CLV) is, and how to calculate it in order to benefit your organization.

Customer Experience Management Assessment

Use this tool to analyze customer experience management (CEM) maturity in your organization.

turning customers into brand loyalists

This eWorkshop will explore what Brand Loyalty is, how to measure it and how to put a plan in place to turn more of your customers into Brand Loyalists.

Brand Loyalty Dashboard

Use this tool to define, track, and report on your key brand loyalty metrics.


Read this guide to learn how to increase your brands awareness and how to ensure your customers stay loyal to your business.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

A survey template to help you benchmark current levels of satisfaction.