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The Spokesperson Procedures Guide Template is a policy guide for any spokesperson for your organization.


Follow this simple framework to develop a Public Relations Crisis plan that supports your company’s goals & objectives.


Use this public relations framework to define the activities required to successfully create, plan and execute a public relations plan.

The Messaging Approval Form is designed to ensure all messages within your organization are approved before they are used publicly.

Use the Crisis Coverage Checklist to leverage best practices when tracking media coverage of any crisis.

Public Relations Calendar 2023

Use this tool to create a public relations calendar for 2023 that will allow you to plan & report on your public relations activities throughout the year.

Use the Story Trends and Stakeholder Issues Checklist to keep on top of key trends within the media during a crisis.

Use the Crisis Inquiry Journal Template to track and respond to any inquiry made by the media or individuals/organizations about an active crisis occuring within your organization.

Use this PR Crisis Communications Plan Template to manage all communication before, throughout and after a crisis.

The Media Response Policy Template ensures your organization follows a strict policy when responding to the media.

Use this tool to help you design an RFP for a Public Relations system.

A checklist to help you assemble an up-to-date Press Kit.

A template to document and assess the key messages that are important for your target audience to hear.