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In a January 2014 study sponsored by Marketo, Demand Metric partnered with Ascend2 to identify how marketers will be pursuing email marketing success in the upcoming year.

Marketing Resource Management

This How-To Guide will explain the components of a Marketing Resource Management (MRM) system, provide an action plan for deployment, and conclude with a plan for implementation.

Sales Enablement: Benchmark Study Report

In August 2013, Demand Metric conducted a benchmarking study that reveals what Sales Enablement does in firms where it's effective, how it's staffed, measured & managed and best practices to improve the effectiveness of your own Sales Enablement function.

Building Content to Support the Buying Process

This eWorkshop will teach you how to win the content battle with a content marketing plan that reaches the 70-80% of prospects before they've made their buying decision.

A self-assessment to evaluate your organization from a Branding perspective.

Smart Project: Sales Training

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Our Sales Training Smart Project will guide you through the steps to successfully create a sales training program that gets new reps selling fast.  This project plan contains over 20 resources including training courses, playbooks, frameworks, how-to guides, tools, templates, and webinars.