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Use our tracking database to keep tabs on what your competitors are doing from a shopper marketing perspective.

Use this template to manage your shopper and consumer behavioral insights collection effort.

 Use the Agency Transition Assets Acquisition Database to collect and track all of the assets you will need to have transferred over to your new agency partner.

A professionally designed database & calendar to organize, summarize and communicate all of your marketing events for 2018.

Topic Matter Expert Contact List

Use the Topic Matter Expert Contact List to finalize who your crisis communications team will go to for assistance during any crisis.

Spokesperson Designation Template

The Spokesperson Designation Template allows your crisis communications team to clarify who will represent your organization during a crisis.

Crisis Messaging Internal Notifications List

Use the Crisis Messaging Internal Notifications List to clarify who needs to be contacted within specific iternal groups in your organization during any crisis.

Crisis Messaging External Notifications List

Use the Crisis Messaging External Notifications List to clarify who needs to be contacted within specific external groups during any crisis.

Crisis Inquiry Journal Template

Use the Crisis Inquiry Journal Template to track and respond to any inquiry made by the media or individuals/organizations about an active crisis occuring within your organization.

Use this Agile Marketing tool to organize your Product and User Story Backlog.

Our Top Marketing Blogs Database tool summarizes the top blogs in the marketing world, and allows you to filter them based on their topic, to allow for easy navigation, discovery and inspiration.

Use our Blog Platform Database tool to evaluate the different software platform options available, including both pros and cons, free or paid, for blogging in your organization.

Use this database to template to track your customer advocates by key information, levels of engagement and referrals.

Use this database to document the details of each video in your program and track your videos by content type.

Use this template to identify the top market research firms to assist you with your market research efforts.

Use this matrix to obtain information about key vendors that can help you build your online community.

Webinar Speakers Database

Use this tool to keep track of the webinar speakers used and availability for upcoming webinars.

lessons learned knowledge base

Use this template to keep track of lessons learned.

Quality Log Template

A tool to help you itemize, document, and track items reported through quality management activities.

Project Change Request Log

A tool to help you keep track of project changes.

Issue Log Template

A tool to help you keep track of the project’s open and closed issues.

Use the events database to keep track of all important events.

seo keyword database

Use this template to gather information on the keywords that you are targeting.

Content Marketing Contributors Database

Use this template to manage your content marketing contributors.

Content Marketing Assets Database

Use this template to manage & audit your content marketing assets.