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Influencer Marketing Risk Identification and Mitigation Template

Use this to document the risks associated with Influencer Marketing, assess their impact and probability, and develop risk mitigation plans. 

A matrix to compare your potential marketing partners.

Use this template to compare email marketing solutions.

Use this tool to accurately project your costs for the next fiscal period.

Content Marketing Infographic

This infographic provides statistics and best practices for content marketing.

Driving Online Community Adoption

A guide to help you understand how to drive online community adoption.

Use this to keep track of key information about the ads that you will be running.

Finding ROI with Online Ad Campaigns

A guide to help you analyze the return on investment (ROI) for online advertising campaigns.

Estimating Website Design Costs

A guide to help you estimate the costs associated with website design.


This guide provides practical advice for building a comprehensive business strategy plan.


A guide to help you learn more about and build your public relations capabilities.

A matrix to help you compare potential venue options based on your event's requirements.

A template to quickly document the role and responsibilities for this position.

Use our tool to analyze your website and your top 2 competitors based on best practices.

ABM Team Roles Matrix Template

Use this template to clarify roles and responsibilities for each member of your account-based marketing (ABM) team.


This eWorkshop evaluates the results of the Demand Metric Benchmark Study hosted to explore the platforms, practices, agility, investment and results of creating digital customer experiences.

Are You Customer Centric?

A guide to help you understand and develop a customer-centric point of view in your company.

A dashboard to collect, analyze, and communicate KPIs and metrics for sales & marketing.


This report is focused on helping marketers around the world plan and deploy the highest performing ABM programs available.