Marketing Research Landscape Benchmark Report

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In January & Febuary of 2014, SurveyGizmo sponsored a partnership between Demand Metric and the Marketing Research Association (MRA) to compare and contrast the perspectives of marketers and market researchers on the marketing research landscape.  The survey was released to two populations - Demand Metric members and MRA members.  The study results were analyzed by our Chief Analyst, Jerry Rackley, and some of his key findings include:

  • The top two research focus areas for marketers and marketing researchers alike are Customers and the Market.
  • It if far more common for marketers to conduct marketing research in small companies (30%) than larger ones (7%).
  • In a ranking of tools used to conduct marketing research, statistical analysis tools are virtually tied for first place for marketing researchers, but rank seventh for marketers.
  • Over 90% of both marketers and marketing researchers project their marketing research workload will stay the same or increase in 2014 compared to 2013.
Download the full report HERE!


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In a January & February 2014 study sponsored by SurveyGizmo, Demand Metric partnered with the Marketing Research Association (MRA) to provide a unique view of marketing research from two perspectives.