Facebook Launches New Hub for Business Owners

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Facebook is making it even easier for businesses to market themselves effectively by launching a new Facebook for Business hub.

The new hub features tools and gives useful information such as case studies as well as announcements and marketing tools.

Facebook for Business will be helpful for business owners who are brand new to marketing on Facebook. It details everything from how to set up your Facebook page to how to create useful and compelling content for your audience, and how to view how each of your posts are performing. It also informs businesses how to advertise on Facebook.

Beyond the basics, Facebook is offering help on how to launch new products, build your brand awareness, and increase online sales. There's even information on how to convert Facebook traffic into physical in-store traffic.

They have also added a new video library on specific Facebook areas, which they refer to as Facebook Live covering things like performance marketing and driving app install traffic through Facebook mobile.

They also have a very impressive number of case studies available, which you can filter down by the success stories that are relevant to how you are trying to market on Facebook.

For example you could filter by specific industries, product types, country, business size and what is the most valuable, by goal. When you filter the case studies by goal, you can view them based on what you want to accomplish such as: how to build awareness, drive in-store sales, launching new products, increase online sales, or to promote an app.

Facebook for Business is a great resource for business owners, particularly those who are new to marketing on Facebook, or for those who just need a refresher or some new ideas on how they are currently handling their Facebook pages.

Has anyone tested the new Facebook for Business hub yet? 

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