Video Content Metrics Benchmark Report

Resource Overview

From July to September 2015, Demand Metric, in collaboration with Vidyard, conducted a survey to investigate video usage, types of video, video metrics and much more. This study was compared to the results of the 2014 Video Content Metric Benchmark Study.


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Executive Summary

In 2014, Demand Metric and Vidyard together completed an inaugural video marketing benchmark study to understand how video performs, where it is hosted, how it is measured and how viewing data works its way into the sales funnel. The 2015 study investigates these same themes, and adds some new ones as well: probing where video is used and what types of video content organizations are producing.

No survey is required to know that video remains a highly favored type of content. Instead, this study investigates aspects of video marketing to determine if marketers are gaining maturity in measuring how video content performs in key areas, such as conversion, and how well integrated video viewing data is with the systems that marketers and sales teams rely on: Marketing Automation and CRM. As mainstream as video has become in the content lineup that most companies offer, the tracking, use and integration of video consumption data does not parallel the adoption of video as a content type.

What this study determined is that success with video content marketing is not merely a product of producing quality video that engages. Success is also driven by how well video content – and metrics – is integrated with the marketing technology stack. It is no longer safe for marketers to assume that just because they are deploying video content, that it is effective. They must track that effectiveness and not simply rely on the novelty of video to create success.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Executive Summary
  3. The Importance of Video
  4. The Performance of Video
  5. Hosting & Producing Video Content
  6. Video Viewing Data Integration
  7. Video Content Budget
  8. Analyst Bottom Line
  9. Acknowledgements

  10. About Vidyard
  11. About Demand Metric
  12. Appendix - Survey Background


Research Methodology

This 2015 Video Content Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study survey was administered online during the period of July 6 through September 6, 2015. During this period, 207 responses were collected, 174 of which were complete enough for inclusion in the analysis. The representativeness of these results depends on the similarity of the sample to environments in which this survey data is used for comparison or guidance.