Vendor Profile Engagements


Objective Vendor Analysis & Case Study Development

Vendor Profiles are published research documents that share the Demand Metric analyst’s perspective on a company, its positioning and value proposition to the market it seeks to service.  Vendor Profiles provide customers, prospects, investors and other stakeholders with an informed, outsider’s view of how a vendor provides value in its market space.


Vendor Profile



Vendor Profile Development Process

Demand Metric authors Vendor Profiles on a commissioned basis, or on companies that offer unique value to the Demand Metric community. 

     1. Questionnaire - the process begins with a questionnaire to the vendor being profiled.  

     2. Interview - a follow-up interview is conducted to clarify data gathered through the questionnaire. 

     3. Customer Discussions - vendors provide at least three customers who are then interviewed to gather their perspective on the solution.  

     4. First Draft - using input gathered through this process, our analyst authors the first draft, and provides it to the vendor for fact checking. 

     5. Publication - the Vendor Profile is finalized and published to our resource library and available to members of the Demand Metric community. 

     6. Licensing - if the Vendor Profile was commissioned, a PDF version is licensed to the vendor for one year for unlimited use.

     7. Promotion - in some cases Vendor Profiles are promoted with a joint-webinar between Demand Metric, the vendor, and a customer.


Vendor Profile & Case Study Advantages

Companies benefit from a Demand Metric Vendor Profile by having an objective summary of a vendor’s position in its market, with a succinct description of its value proposition. Profiled vendors benefit from having a highly credible profile of their company published under the Demand Metric brand.  A Demand Metric Vendor Profile is an excellent sales tool, fulfillment piece for a marketing campaign, or to more quickly gain credibility with customers, partners or investors.


Sample Vendor Profile on DocuSign with LinkedIn Case Study