Public Relations Calendar 2022

Resource Overview

Use this tool to create a public relations calendar for 2022 that will allow you to plan & report on your public relations activities throughout the year.


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Your Problem

You need to plan, organize and communicate your 2022 public relations activities and events.

Our Solution

We created the 2022 Public Relations Calendar to track your public relations activities according to date, type of event or communication and channel. Once your planning is done, all your team needs to do it execute!

The type of event or communications you can track in the 2022 version of this template are:

  • Press Release
  • Press Conference
  • Story
  • Speaking
  • Events
  • Sponsorship
  • Other

Anything that represents valid news is appropriate. Ensure that each communication properly reflects your key messages. Download our Public Relations Plan Methodology, which uses this tool to help you implement a PR program that gets results.

Key Benefits

  • easy color-coded format
  • clearly depicts activities & events
  • facilitates communication with team
  • save 4 hours on formatting
  • provides a roll-up summary


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Excel (Basic)