PR Crisis Communications Guide & Toolkit

Resource Overview

The PR Crisis Communications Guide & Toolkit shares a five step action plan for protecting your organizations public image during a crisis.


Your Problem

You need to prepare your organization for a crisis, and need to learn best practices for getting the job done.

Our Solution

A crisis communications plan is the first line of defense for your organizations reputation, and in some cases can actually help save the lives of your employees themselves.

In this How-To Guide you will discover how to:

  • Build your Crisis Communications Team
  • Empower them with a step-by-step plan for any crisis
  • Describe exactly who they should contact and when
  • Explain the entire crisis management process from start to end


Throughout this guide we will also be linking to ‘Resources’, in the form of ‘Tools’, ’Templates’ and ‘Checklists’ you can leverage to prepare your organizations crisis response. With these resources and processes in your company's tool belt, you can rest assured that if a PR-related emergency occurs, you will be ready to protect your brand from disaster, and guard your employees from harm.

Key Benefits

  • leverage PR Crisis Communications best practices
  • understand the five stages for any crisis response
  • links to 24 additional PR Crisis tools