Marketing Performance Management Benchmark Report 2015

Resource Overview

In 2015, VisionEdge Marketing and Demand Metric joined forces to compare and contrast best-in-class marketing organizations with those in the middle of the pack and the laggards.



The “secrets” to a quality life aren’t really secret: eat well, stay active, don’t smoke (or quit if you already do) and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Many people long for a “miracle” pill that is a shortcut on the journey to fitness and health. But no such pill exists. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes long-term discipline and effort, so many aspire to it, but few attain it. The reward for those that persevere is great.

This fitness and health metaphor applies to marketing. Every marketer wants to get great results that measurably impact the bottom line, but many don’t like the prescription: use alignment, accountability, and analytics to measure and manage performance.

Marketing Performance Management is the best and correct response to the pressure marketers feel each time the C-suite asks: “what have you done for us lately?”

Marketing faces constant scrutiny regarding its contribution, and this pressure does more than persist: 83% of participants in the 2015 MPM benchmark study report that it is increasing, virtually unchanged from the 2014 MPM study*. This persistent pressure is an all too familiar force at work on the marketing team. Yet, the way marketing organizations respond to it differs significantly, and those differences are defining.

Understanding those differences provides insight into how marketing organizations can do more than just keep their seat at the corporate leadership table, but also earn greater credibility and influence.

This joint study conducted by VisionEdge Marketing and Demand Metric, compares and contrasts best-in-class marketing organizations with those in the middle of the pack and the laggards. The goal of this study is reveal how marketing organizations can achieve best-in-class performance measurement and management, become recognized as a Center of Excellence and experience the benefits that come with that.

This report details the results and insights from the analysis of the 2015 MPM survey data.

Only statistically valid data and relationships between study variables were included in this report. For more detail about the survey and its participants, please refer to the Appendix.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Marketing's Symptoms
  3. Marketing's Vital Signs
  4. Marketing's Diagnosis
  5. Marketing's Prognosis
  6. Prescription for Action
  7. Appendix A: Methodology
  8. Appendix B: Data Summary
  9. About VisionEdge Marketing
  10. About Demand Metric