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What is Demand Metric Coaching?

Demand Metric's Coaching services help marketing executives and CEOs grow revenue above their current trend line. A deeply experienced coach who is a veteran of actually doing the work and producing the results using best practices will guide and support you and your company in your program execution efforts. Our clients use the terms 'challenge thinking', 'validate' and 'objective sounding board' to describe how our coaches help them.  

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Demand Metric does coaching, consulting and project work in the realm of marketing. Each of these is distinct. Demand Metric's coaching does not provide execution, but rather guides and advises clients through their top initiatives.  Some of our coaches serve as a 'fractional CMO' on a temporary basis but you will still need others to execute the tasks and activities that our coaches prescribe.

Coaching clients regularly say that we provide 3 times the value for 1/3 of the cost of other analyst & advisory firms.


Our value proposition:  we'll help you grow revenue and be successful in your career.  


The VP/CMO role has extremely high turnover and recent research suggests that most CEO's are not happy with the performance of their head of Marketing.  Our coaches will help you navigate tough political environments and help you demonstrate the value that Marketing can deliver. 

In many cases our clients completely change the perception of Marketing from being a cost-center doing 'fancy brochures and trade shows' to the backbone of the business driving revenue and strategic planning.

You can expect to receive unbiased, expert advice from every coaching call, and clear tasks and activities - with customized tools & templates to assist you - to ensure the advice actually gets implemented.

We have heard from many clients that they have been promoted or grown their business over 500% in just a few short years working with us.  If you would like to speak to a reference, we would be happy to arrange a call.


What Can You Use Coaching for?

There are a variety of ways that clients receive value from coaching.  Here are some examples of what our coaches can help with:

  • Reviewing strategic plans and presentations
  • Guiding team through Playbooks & Methodologies
  • Editing and providing comments on key deliverables
  • Assessing content, value propositions & positioning
  • Analyzing existing processes and workflows
  • Educating staff on proven 'best practices'
  • Discussing Marketing technologies and vendors
  • Navigating complicated political environments
  • Auditing CRM systems, databases and reporting
  • Defining key metrics for building dashboards
  • Evaluating lead nurturing & scoring programs
  • Identifying new market and growth opportunities
  • Prioritizing strategic initiatives and projects
  • Helping with hiring and recruiting effectively



Who are Demand Metric's Coaches?


Jerry Rackley, Chief Analyst - With 30 years of experience in Marketing at companies like IBM, Esker Software, and Stillwater National Bank, Jerry is an expert in Product Management and Market Research. In the past 2 years, Jerry has conducted over 30 primary benchmark research studies to identify Marketing best practices and understand the current state of marketing.  Jerry is also adjunct Professor teaching courses in Marketing at Oklahoma State University.


Mark Ogne, EVP Partner Marketing - Mark is a serial CMO with senior marketing positions at Acxiom, Kefta, RingCentral and NewzSocial.  Under his leadership, two organizations have had successful exits (IPO/Acquisition) including a ecommerce startup he built into a $150M business. Mark is very active in the marketing community and has served on various industry boards with organizations like Forrester, DMA and IAC. 


Han Verbaas, EVP Europe & Middle East - Han has over 25 years of experience running international sales & marketing organizations at companies such as Bentley Systems and Compuware mainly in continental Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Han has deep expertise in Go-To Market strategy, product management and commercialization, along with international expansion into the European market.


John Follett, Chief Marketing Officer - John is responsible for all of Demand Metric's product development and marketing.  Using only 'inbound' marketing tactics, John has grown our community has grown to nearly 60,000 members with 1,500+ new members joining each month.  An expert in marketing automation, content management and demand generation, John has overseen the creation of over 1,000 pieces of content.


Jesse Hopps, Founder & CEO - Jesse founded Demand Metric in 2006 and has built the organization into the leading analyst firm for Marketers in midsized enterprises. An expert in sales & business development, Jesse negotiated long-term partnerships with the American Marketing Association (AMA) and Association of National Advertisers (ANA), HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Act-On, Demandbase, Cvent, ON24, Bizo, Citrix, Netbase, Vocus and many other industry players.


Who is Coaching Best Suited for?

CEOs of Fast Growing Businesses

For CEOs who have grown their business to over 1M in annual revenue but have dreams of reaching 10M or 100M per year, Demand Metric's coaching provides invaluable advice from Fortune 500 caliber Sales & Marketing experts. 

Rather than paying a CMO over 120K/year in salary, use those resources more effectively and get 'fractional' CMO-level advice at 10% of the cost.  Our coaches have decades of experience scaling businesses, positioning for acquisition, and making successful exits. 

If you are looking to grow your organization exponentially in the next 5 years, tap into the collective wisdom of our experienced coaches who have done consulting or run Sales & Marketing organizations for companies like American Express, Danaher, HP, Intel and Toshiba.


CMO/VP Marketing in Mid-Sized (50M-2B) Company

In many cases a new VP or CMO, from a large enterprise is brought into a fast-growing mid-sized company to bring 'structure', discipline, processes, technology and overall guidance to the Marketing organization. 

This can be a daunting task to establish a 'center of excellence' for marketing and train staff quickly on modern marketing approaches and best practices.  Our coaches have over 100 years of combined experience in building high-performance Sales & Marketing organizations and have held senior executive or consulting roles at companies such as GE, Compaq, Mircosoft and Danaher. 

If you need to change the perception of Marketing from a cost-center to a strategic driver of revenue, let our coaches help you.

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PLAYBOOKS COACHING: Work with a Coach to Operationalize Best Practices


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ADVANCED COACHING: Implement our Buying Process Marketing Methodology

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