Agile Content Marketing Calendar 2022

Resource Overview

Use this calendar template to keep track of your content marketing efforts for 2022 through an agile approach.


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Your Problem

You need to plan and track your content marketing for 2022 using an agile approach. 

Our Solution

A Marketing Excel calendar to help you organize your content marketing using an agile approach. Use this tool to identify content marketing ideas, track how those ideas are being implemented and monitor the ways you repurpose content.

The Agile Marketing Calendar Template was designed around the idea that content formats change constantly and modern marketers need to be able to easily brainstorm and conceptualize new ways to market content at the drop of a hat.

Key Benefits

  • enables tracking of content marketing ideas
  • facilitates agile discussions about content usage
  • monitors where content is being placed
  • can be easily customized
  • saves time on formatting


Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours